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3 weeks ago

Sortmyspace Ltd.

With the clocks changing, Spring has officially sprung. It's a great time to #review your #wardrobe and #clothes to see what's still serving you well.

Check out my and The Minimalists’ clothing #decluttering tips and guidelines in the latest article from Country Living Magazine with Sally Newall.

#declutter #seasonal #professionalorganiser
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1 month ago

Sortmyspace Ltd.

As we wrap up #SpringClearingWeek today, it also marks the birthday of #WilliamMorris.

Although he penned this advice in the late 1800s, it still stands true today. #wisewords

And I suspect it will for future generations too as we work out how to create a #Sustainablefuture.

We hope you’ve found all the advice from APDO Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers useful this #SpringClearingWeek. Would love to know what key takeaways you’ve had. Have you made (or now want to make) any adjustments at home or work to streamline your stuff, your activities or responsibilities to make 2024 more sustainable for you and / or the environment? Let us know what so we can celebrate with you!

#smallchanges #healthyhabits #newhabits #APDOSCW #organising #professionalorganising William Morris Gallery
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1 month ago

Sortmyspace Ltd.

Day 6 of #SpringClearingWeek focuses on the importance of #community for a #SustainableFuture.

Last night Marcella Caricasole of Think Tidy (a fellow #professionalorganiser and friend who I first met through APDO Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers' community) stepped out in unison with ~200 others to raise #homelessnessawareness and vital funds for Spires alongside a number of London's homeless charities 👣

We walked the #halfmarathon of #LondonWalk24 finishing at 1am. I'm a little achy today but so worthwhile! Kudos to the walkers who went on to walk the full marathon!

Our fundraising page is still open if you have any cash to spare for a meaningful cause:

#nomanisanisland #togetherness #ittakesavillage #homeless #homelessness #collaboration #apdoscw
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1 month ago

Sortmyspace Ltd.

Using #SpringClearingWeek to think about how we can eat and treat our bodies well for a #SustainableFuture...

My personal favourite is #batchcooking where I spend a day making multiple #homemade meals. I’ll often use the oven, a slow cooker and the hob simultaneously to create 3-4 different meals, resulting in 4-6 portions each meal. I then box it up in single / double portions, label and freeze them for my busy days.

Doing all the prep, cooking and #clearingup on the same day can definitely feel like a lot of #mess and work but it saves me time in the long run. I have instant #readymeals available when I lose track of time, get home late and might be tempted to turn to more processed foods.

I like to think of my #futureself when peeling all the veggies and cooking these meals knowing she’ll appreciate my nurturing efforts in due course. Get some good tunes on and get pally with your future self. After all, that’s the only person who’s definitely sticking around until the very end! 😉

#smallchanges #healthyhabits #newhabits #APDOSCW #timesaver #nutrition #organising #professionalorganising APDO Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers The Full Freezer
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1 month ago

Sortmyspace Ltd.

You won't change the world singlehandedly but you can make a few small sustainable swaps this #SpringClearingWeek. Many of us feel the pinch of #EnvironmentalGuilt syndrome but you can alleviate this by making small adjustments such as;
* Using a reusable cup for your regular hot drink fix Starbucks UK Costa Coffee Caffè Nero or your independent barista
* Embracing imperfect vegetables such as Wonky Veg Boxes who deliver to your door
* Rescue a Surprise Bag from the Too Good To Go app to save food waste from hundreds of retailers
* Doing what you can, when you can

#APDOSCW #organising #professionalorganising Zero-Waste Chef APDO Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers
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