Working together in your home or work space, there are 3 key areas I'll help you with:

Decluttering your physical space

I can help you to tackle the jobs you’ve been hiding from whether it’s:

  • Organising clothing in the wardrobes, cupboards and hallway
  • Mastering the raft of children’s toys in bedrooms and playrooms
  • Converting the spare room into a nursery
  • Downsizing to a smaller property
  • Tackling your small business’ or home’s paperwork
  • Making the kitchen easier to prepare meals in
  • Reclaiming your hobby or craft room to be able to create things in
  • Establishing a dedicated area for you to work from home productively
  • Organising your photo collection (whether printed or electronic)
  • Opening and categorising the mountain of post you’ve accumulated
  • Confronting the fiddly jobs like the medicine cabinet, your jewellery collection, the toolbox or even (gasp) “The Man Drawer” (best explained by Michael McIntyre)
  • Or anything else you'd appreciate an organised hand with

Organise and store your belongings

Working with you to understand your goals, we can:

  • Devise storage solutions for the items you do actually need
  • Display the items you really do want
  • Review the flow of your home to improve day-to-day tasks
  • Ensure your most frequently used items are stored in the easiest places to reach
  • Re-purpose areas or rooms that have become dumping grounds
  • Optimise the space you already have
  • Introduce systems to help you stay on top of things going forward
  • Determine what’s still required and what’s no longer serving its purpose

Redesign your headspace too

During this process you are likely to:

  • Create a welcoming haven to retreat to from the hustle and bustle of the outside world
  • Have more clarity on what’s important in your life and what you can let go of
  • Reduce the mind chatter that dwells on the past or speculates on what the future might bring
  • Be more confident to make changes in other areas of your life too

Services include: Home storage solutions / De-cluttering assistance / Space optimisation ideas / Kitchen design & planning / Downsizing & Home Moving preparation / Small Business or Home Office Organising / Paper & Electronic Data Management / Wardrobe & Closet Organising / Interior Redesign / Photo Management

decluttering services
designing space saving solutions

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