Decluttering your physical space

I'll help you to tackle the jobs you’ve been hiding from; including organising wardrobes, cupboards, hallways, children's rooms, kitchens, spare rooms, paperwork and more.

Declutter My Space!


Organise and store your belongings

I’ll create systems and processes that work for you and your family. I’ll optimise your space by devising space-saving storage products or display solutions for the items you decide to keep.

Organise My Space!


Redesign your head space too

I'll encourage you to focus mindfully on creating a welcoming haven to retreat to or a productive space to work in. You'll gain more clarity on what’s important in your life and what you can let go of.

Redesign My Space!

Sound familiar?

Are you craving somewhere to simply kick back and relax after a hard day’s work?

Do you have more 'things' lying about than places to put them?

Do you find yourself losing precious time searching for things whether for you, your other half or your children?

Do you struggle keeping on top of your household or business paperwork?

Are you frequently uninspired by your wardrobe, despite there being a mountain of clothing in front of you?

Do you feel there must be easier ways to be living and enjoying this life? Well I’m delighted to say: There probably is and I'm excited to show you how!

If you’re shouting 'Can’t somebody just please help me to SortMySpace!?!', then I’m answering your plea with a resounding YES! Find out how…

Meet Katherine

meet katherine

Dubbed as The Personal Trainer for your Home, Katherine is a high energy individual with an inherent passion for bringing order from chaos and making everyday life that little bit easier. She thrives on helping individuals to consciously create a calm, welcoming and organised space to live or work in… Read more

Flexible Process

Dive-in for packages and pricing

Are you ready to make a change? There’s a range of packages to best suit your situation and your busy diary commitments.

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Team Up

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Find out how other clients feel after decluttering and organising their space. Be warned; Living in the moment can be highly addictive!



Katherine loves to spread the word about living more but with less through relevant talks and events. See what's coming up

Are you craving a calm, organised home or workspace?

Katherine can be your enthusiastic accomplice! She's a personal trainer, but for your home!