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Free Enquiry
Feel free to contact me by email, via the website or by phone for an initial complimentary chat. We’ll briefly cover your location, home or business set-up and your current concerns so we can determine whether I can help you within the timeframes you have in mind.

If we decide to team up, kindly read, sign and return SortMySpace Ltd’s Terms and Conditions
Personal Consultation
After your initial enquiry, we'll arrange a Personal Consultation for 1 hour. This is for me to see first-hand the scale of clutter or dis-organisation you’re enduring to give a better gauge on how long your project might take. I'll help determine what should be tackled in which order and help you to focus on what your key priorities are.

I will inevitably come up with a number of practical suggestions within the first hour of meeting you and your space. You may find that’s all you needed to give you the inspiration and motivation to go away and tackle the problem areas by yourself or to engage a tradesperson to effect some design ideas. That’s great news if so, and I’ll be delighted to have helped lift the fog from your thinking. There is no obligation to purchase a package following the Personal Consultation.

NB: This Personal Consultation could be conducted over Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp video if you are able to clearly (and safely!) show your home whilst walking around with a portable device!

£55 for 1 virtual hour
£85 for 1 hour onsite

£30 for an optional 2-page personalised report capturing all the design ideas, priorities and measurements we discuss during your Personalised Consultation.
Available Packages
hourly rate Rates:

£85/hour with Katherine or £55/hour with a SortMySpace Colleague.

Example sessions:

A 3-hour session
This is the minimum session length and works well for a short sharp burst of activity to tackle a small project or area. You’d need to be focussed on change and ready to let certain things go for this to be manageable in this timeframe.

Example Cost: £255 (Katherine )/ £165 (Colleague)

A 5-hour session
This is the most popular timeframe for my clients. It fits within the school run, you can break the back of larger projects and really see notable results in one-day. NB: We will take upto 1 hour out for a lunch break during the session. You do not pay for the lunchbreak.

Example Cost: £425 (Katherine )/ £275 (Colleague)

Ongoing support

Sometimes you need a helping hand for the bigger projects in your life where a regular partnership over weeks or months will help you reach your goals. There are likely to be tasks for you to accomplish between our sessions to maximise our time together.

Example cost: variable. (Billed hourly per session)

Minimum Session Length Minimum Session: 3 hours

This minimum 3 hour window allows you to get into the rhythm and process of decluttering. The maximum session duration will depend on energy and availability (of both parties!)

Sessions are billed to the nearest 15 minutes interval. Sessions longer than 4 hours or spanning lunchtime will include a lunch break which is not charged for.
Deposit Deposit

SortMySpace requests a deposit per organiser for each session to secure time in the diary. Deposits are £150 per session for Katherine and £100 per session for colleagues. The balance is raised at the end of each session.

process-nb NB:

Travel up to 1 hour each way (or 10 miles from central London) is included in the above pricing. A small time and / or fuel charge applies thereafter (see Other Expenses to Consider)
Additional expenses may apply (see Other Expenses to Consider)
Booking, Payment and Cancellations
Please see SortMySpace Ltd’s full Terms And Conditions
Other Expenses to Consider
Any items (storage solutions, stationery etc) purchased on your behalf will be invoiced at the buying cost (with shop receipts) but these and your budget will be discussed in advance.

Tradespeople and materials; subject to your particular project there could be recommendations for bespoke carpentry storage units, general DIY, painting and decorating etc. Wherever possible, I will recommend a tried and tested tradesperson for your job.

We can discuss rates for destinations beyond the usual radius of 1hr (using public transport; based on the CityMapper app’s estimates) or 10 miles (if driving) from SE16. Additional mileage, if required, would be charged at 45p per mile beyond the 10 miles radius from SE16. I am happy to discuss projects outside London along with any applicable accommodation costs.

You will need to purchase (or otherwise provide) relevant visitor parking permits for SortMySpace Ltd and any tradespeople brought in to complete the project.

Congestion charges (if applicable) will be added to your invoice.

Public transport costs or parking fees (including when sourcing storage solutions on your behalf) will be added to your invoice but discussed in advance.

£45/hr for any offsite work such as project research, purchasing client storage solutions, event planning etc.
£15/day: Transport of unwanted goods to Charity Shop or recycling facilities.

Skip hire if required.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Professional Organising is a relatively new concept in the UK and you might not know someone who’s already tried it and swears by it. Understandably, you may be uncertain how it actually works and how you could feel as a result. To encourage you to try it without any risk, and start enjoying the results as soon as possible I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I am 100% committed to your personal fulfilment, development and success. If after the Personal Consultation or our first 3-hour session you feel that the Professional Organising has not moved you forward towards your goal, let me know within 24 hours and I will give you a full refund, no quibbles. I would appreciate your honest feedback to improve my service.

Please note this guarantee does not apply to recipients of gift vouchers who may not have chosen the activity of decluttering or determined a need for professional assistance themselves. Please ensure you have thorough and honest discussions before purchasing a SortMySpace Ltd’s gift voucher or ask the recipient to contact me directly for a no-obligation chat.

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