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1 week ago

Sortmyspace Ltd.

I was back in my old corporate stomping ground this week and stumbled across a great pop up coffee shop initiative called #ChangePlease based in the 'Home by Halifax' branch on #cannonst

The lovely Syrus explained how your cuppa raises funds to help those experiencing #homelessness to receive training as a barista and support getting back into the world of work.

It's open Mon-Thurs 8am-6pm and Fri 8am-3pm. There's another one in the Halifax's #TottenhamCourt Road branch too. 👍

Do swing in and show your support if you're in either area.

Having a dash of humanity in my Chai Latte made it taste even better! 😜

#help #smallgestures #makingadifference #homelesslivesmatter Change Please
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3 months ago

Sortmyspace Ltd.

Kickstarted the inaugural #WorldOrganizingDay in London, UK by having a breakfast gathering with some of my fellow members of APDO Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers. 👍

Today is a collaboration of the various professional membership bodies of IFPOA (the International Federation of Professional Organizing Associations) which includes
🌎 Brazil @
🌎 Canada @
🌎 China CALO
🌎 Italy @
🌎 Japan @
🌎 Korea @
🌎 Netherlands @
🌎 Spain @
🌎 UK APDO Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers
🌎 USA @ and @

And it's this driven group of IFPOA #professionalorganizers that have co-created today's brand new initiative #worldorganizingday. I feel privileged and proud to be part of this crowd!

#WorldOrganisingDay #colleaguesnotcompetitors #teamwork
#professionalmembership #goingglobal #organise #simplify #easierlife
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3 months ago

Sortmyspace Ltd.

I'd go a step further and say... It feels GREAT!!!

#worldorganisingday is launching tomorrow, a collaboration between the membership bodies of IFPOA International Federation of Professional Organizing Associations across the globe.

What area (big or small) could you organise to make your every day life and your activities that little bit easier? 🤔Let’s talk why...

Missed an appointment? Can’t remember what your next meeting is? Can’t find your favourite frying pan? Laundry out of control?

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and feel like life is coming at you fast.

We know that by being better organised life does become easier to manage but of course that is easier said than done.

Getting started is the hardest part but it’s always good to focus on the outcomes and benefits of being organised to motivate you to get things going.

✨Saving yourself time
✨Removing the stress
✨Using your time the way you really want to
✨Creating a calmer, tidier space
✨Increased productivity

These are just some of the many great reasons to give yourself the gift of Organisation.

The ripple effect goes far and wide and if you ask a Professional Organiser why it’s so important they will tell you that ultimately it feels GOOD that’s why. 😊

#beingorganised #getorganised #homeorganisation #professionalorganiser #apdo #worldorganizingday
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